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Who is José Andrés? What is the World Central Kitchen? What to know after deadly airstrike

WASHINGTON-Israeli airstrikes on Monday killed seven workers of the nonprofit World Central Kitchen. The group is one of the biggest providers in Gaza for desperately needed humanitarian assistance.

The group reported that the aid convey of the group was attacked Monday while it was leaving Deir al-Balah’s warehouse ,, despite having coordinated movements with Israeli military. According to the statement, the workers were traveling in two armored vehicles bearing the World Central Kitchen’s logo.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that an investigation is underway into “a tragic incident in which our forces accidentally hit innocent people”.

Find out who founded this group and what they do.

Who is José Andrés?

According to his website, Andres is an American-Spanish celebrity chef who immigrated in 1991 to the U.S. and founded several restaurants along with his partners. His restaurants include Minibar ,, which earned him 2 Michelin stars and The Bazaar.

According to his website, he was given the National Humanities Medal in 2015 by President Barack Obama and included in the TIME Magazine 100 Most Influential People list in both 2012 and 2018.

Emeril Lagasse, a celebrity chef from the United States, wrote in 2018 about Andres as a “brilliant restauranteur who has shaped America’s culinary history by introducing his unique take on Spanish cuisine and culture.”

According to the Washington Post, in 2022, he invited 13 senators to his restaurant Oyamel, where he led a bipartisan conversation on immigration, conflict in Ukraine and other topics.

What is the World Central Kitchen?

According to the website of the organization, Andres founded the nonprofit World Central Kitchen after traveling to Haiti in 2010 following the earthquake. He cooked in the camps with displaced families.

It wasn’t only about feeding those in need, but also about listening, learning and cooking with the people affected by the crisis. According to the website, this is what comfort food really means. Jose and Patricia were inspired by it when they created World Central Kitchen. Since its foundation, the nonprofit has provided meals for people affected by humanitarian, climate, and other disasters.

According to its website, after Russia invaded Ukraine 2022, this nonprofit fed millions of people in Ukraine and in those who fled the country. The group expanded operations to Romania, Moldova and Hungary as well as other countries.

Reuters reports that the World Central Kitchen participated in the first shipment to Gaza of aid mid-March. According to the New York Times, workers had constructed a temporary jetty from the rubble of bombed-out buildings to unload ship’s cargo.

According to Reuters, a second shipment of food is due to arrive in Gaza this week.

Andres said on Twitter that he was “heartbroken” and “grieving for their friends, families, and the entire WCK family.” Among the seven dead workers were a Palestinian and citizens of Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom, as well as a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen.

They are not nameless. They are not faceless. Andres stated that the Israeli government must stop its indiscriminate murder. It must stop restricting humanitarian aid, stop killing aid workers and civilians, and stop using food to weaponize.

World Central Kitchen announced it would be suspending its Gaza operation.

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