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How much time does a typical hockey game last? (College & Recreation, NHL)

What is the duration of an hockey game?

A professional hockey game typically lasts 60 minutes, broken up into three 20-minute halves. Although this is the norm, there are a number of variables that can affect how long a game actually is.

What Is the Length of an NHL Hockey Game?

Newbies to the sport or those who are simply curious frequently ask this question.

NHL games consist of 60 minutes of regulation play, divided into three 20-minute periods, though no two games are exactly the same length.

However, even though the game lasts only 60 minutes, hockey games actually last much longer.

However, if we had to estimate the duration of a hockey game, we’d say it lasts, on average, two hours and twenty minutes.

However, that could take a lot longer if it’s the playoffs and the game goes into overtime!

Have 20-minute hockey periods always existed?

Hockey was originally played in two 30-minute halves. To allow for more frequent ice cleaning, the game changed to 20-minute segments.

The ice quality decreases as more snow falls during a hockey game as play goes on. This was aided by 20-minute segments, which were completely implemented for the 1910–1911 NHL season.

Rules and Guidelines Controlling Hockey Game Duration:

The guidelines controlling the duration of a hockey game are set by the National Hockey League (NHL). A regular-season game should consist of three 20-minute periods, per the NHL rulebook. A playoff game may go much longer because sudden-death overtimes are added if necessary until one team scores.

Apart from these time constraints, the NHL enforces stringent guidelines concerning the handling of the clock during a game. For instance, following a goal, penalty, or offside call, the clock ought to stop. However, in circumstances like injuries, the referees have the final say over whether or not to stop the clock.

How long do intermissions last in hockey?

A hockey intermission lasts seventeen minutes. This occurs twice in a typical game. Twice, one in between the first and second periods and once more between the second and third periods.

Stops in Action:

A game’s duration can be impacted by a variety of play stoppages. Among them are:

Penalties Goals Damaged Battles Timeouts
Even though it might not seem like it, all of these interruptions add up and can extend a game’s duration beyond what it would if the clock had continued.

What is the duration of the overtime periods?

There isn’t an intermission in regular season games that end in ties and proceed to overtime. Following a two-minute intermission, the game resumes. A five-minute 3-on-3 overtime session follows. Within those five minutes, the game is automatically over if someone scores.

There is a shootout if there are no goals at the conclusion of the five-minute overtime period. In real time, this usually takes five minutes or so.

The breaks for Commercials:

There are three zones set aside for commercials during each period in addition to intermissions.

These commercial breaks, which occur every four minutes starting at the start of the period, typically last between 45 and 120 seconds.

However, during overtime or a shootout, there aren’t any commercial timeouts.

How long do hockey games at colleges last?

College hockey games last sixty minutes, just like NHL games. But there are still play-stoppages and overtime periods that can prolong the game.

In the NCAA, a 20-minute overtime period will be played if there is a tie after regulation time. However, unlike NHL games, college hockey games can end in a tie if no goals are scored during this period.

In conclusion:

We hope that this blog post has addressed all of your inquiries regarding the length of an average hockey game. If you’re an NHL fan hoping to watch the game tonight, budget a few hours as there are a lot of variables that can impact how long an ice hockey game lasts.

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