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Tanzohub: Complete Knowledge in 2024

As an internet schooling platform, Tanzohub gives a wealth of publications and resources for novices round the arena. Whether you need to pick up a brand new skill, boost to your career, or pursue a interest, Tanzohub has a course for you. With a library of over 50,000 video lessons and interactive coding physical activities taught by industry professionals, Tanzohub presents an enticing learning experience on each computer and cell gadgets.

Their ever-expanding catalog covers topics from programming and statistics technological know-how to creative talents like pictures, tune, and layout. Courses range from free introductory movies to complete paid packages with certificates crowning glory. With brilliant content and an intuitive consumer interface, Tanzohub makes it clean to examine whenever, anywhere. For the ones looking to advantage an in-demand ability or in reality expand their know-how in a place of interest, Tanzohub is a optimum vacation spot for online schooling.

What Is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is a undertaking management software designed for creative teams and businesses. It presents tools for assignment management, time tracking, billing, and reporting so you can prepare projects, collaborate with your group, and get paid for the paintings you do.

Tanzohub allows you to create projects and assign obligations to specific group individuals. You can set due dates, priorities, and statuses for every mission to keep all of us on the equal page approximately what wishes to get performed and when. Team contributors can comment on obligations, add documents, set reminders, and track the time spent working to make certain time limits are met and clients are billed well.

The time tracking tool records the hours group contributors spend on each assignment and challenge. These facts populate the billing reviews so you can effortlessly fee customers for time and prices. The reviews provide overviews of assignment budgets, charges, sales, and earnings so that you have a perception of the monetary health of your business.

Tanzohub integrates with popular business equipment like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and QuickBooks to streamline your workflows. The Slack integration, as an example, lets in you to create and touch upon duties directly inside Slack without switching among platforms.

With customizable functions like milestones, gantt charts, and mission templates, Tanzohub gives a comprehensive yet intuitive solution for creative undertaking control. The software program is to be had as a web application or cellular app on iOS and Android so that you and your crew can stay on top of responsibilities regardless of where you figure.

The Vision Behind Tanzohub

Tanzohub was founded with the vision of offering a centralized platform for Tanzanian entrepreneurs and small companies to connect to customers.

The Need for Tanzohub

Small corporations are the spine of Tanzania’s economic system, making up over 95% of all businesses inside the United States. However, many wars with constrained entry to to assets and issues reaching new customers. Tanzohub aims to cope with those demanding situations with the aid of presenting an all-in-one answer for Tanzanian SMEs.

Through Tanzohub, commercial enterprise proprietors can without problems create a web profile to promote their organization and connect with greater potential customers. Some of the important thing features provided consist of:

Company profiles: Businesses can create a profile to show off their products/services, share pics, submit updates and promote unique offers. Customers can then find out and connect to organizations that hobby them.

ECommerce platform: Sellers have access to an online storefront to list objects for sale, be given payments, and deliver merchandise without delay to consumers. This allows them to reach clients throughout Tanzania that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Resource center: Tanzohub offers best practices and educational materials to assist business owners in developing their abilities and expanding their enterprises. Topics include employment, accounting, internet marketing, and more.

Affordable services: While other platforms demand exorbitant fees, Tanzohub wants everyone to be able to use their services. The majority of functions are provided for free or at extremely low costs. Empowering as many SMEs as possible is the aim.

Tanzohub thinks they can generate jobs and encourage the growth of small enterprises all around Tanzania by utilising community resources and technology. With the help of their platform, entrepreneurs can now more easily develop their brands, penetrate new markets, and support the expansion of Tanzania’s digital economy.

Key Features of the Tanzohub Platform

For subscribers, the Tanzohub platform provides a number of helpful features.

Comprehensive Library

With Tanzohub, you can access a vast collection of more than 5,000 book titles, podcasts, audiobooks, video tutorials, and other materials covering a variety of subjects like technology, finance, marketing, and self-improvement. Regular additions of new content ensure that the library is kept current. You have the option to search for particular topics of interest or browse by category.

Offline Mode

You can download some books, audiobooks, podcasts, and movies to your smartphone so you can access them offline using the Tanzohub mobile app. If you are unable to access the internet, you can continue learning while on the road. Your devices will all sync with the downloaded content, allowing you to continue where you left off.


Personalized suggestions are offered by the Tanzohub platform using machine learning and your viewing and listening habits. To assist you in finding fresh content that fits your interests and requirements, it will make recommendations for pertinent books, courses, podcasts, films, and other materials. To get recommendations based on the content that experts and influencers are engaging with, you may also follow them.

Progress Tracking

Your progress is automatically monitored while you read, watch, and listen to content on Tanzohub. This makes it simple for you to pick up where you left off and quickly determine how much of a book or video you have finished. To help hold yourself accountable, you can also set objectives for yourself, such as reading a specific number of books or completing a certain amount of study hours each month.


Tanzohub offers an active community of like-minded people in addition to a plethora of resources. You can participate in conversations, pose queries, impart knowledge, trade book recommendations, and create worthwhile relationships with people. This community component facilitates interaction with novel concepts and serves as an addition to your education.

The Tanzohub platform offers a wealth of resources for ongoing education and personal development, including an extensive material collection, practical features like progress monitoring and offline access, and an engaged community. Utilizing all of its features is essential if you want to get the most out of your subscription.

How Tanzohub Works

Through the web platform Tanzohub, clients wishing to engage talent for events, performances, or private lessons may connect with professional dancers and dance studios. This is how the service functions:

Creating a Profile

Dancers and dance studios register on Tanzohub and post a profile detailing their training, background, schedule, and fees. Through their profiles, artists can display images and videos of their work, provide testimonials from past customers, indicate the places they are available for travel, list their dance specialties and genres, and establish their fees for various booking scenarios.

Booking Talent

On Tanzohub, clients seeking to hire dancers or teachers can peruse the profiles and refine their search by budget, region, dance style, and availability. Clients can use the site to send a booking request describing the event or service they need, along with the dates, hours, venue information, and payment, once they identify talent that meets their needs. Artists are free to say yes or no to inquiries for bookings.

Handling Payments and Contracts

Tanzohub helps the two parties draft a contract outlining the terms of the partnership if talent accepts a booking request. When a client signs a contract, they must send money in full. To make sure both parties fulfil their responsibilities, Tanzohub withholds the payment in escrow until after the event date or service period. Tanzohub pays the performer if there are no problems recorded. Tanzohub works with both parties to settle any issues pertaining to the booking before disbursing cash.

Providing Feedback

Tanzohub asks for comments once a booking is finished from both talent and clients in order to establish credibility and inform future pairings. Talent can comment on the professionalism of their clients, and clients can write evaluations detailing their experiences on talent profiles. Tanzohub creates a grading system for its users based on this data. Booking requests and search results are prioritised for highly rated clients and talent.

Tanzohub wants to make it easier for customers to locate and hire talent for their dance needs while building a reliable network of skilled dancers and instructors. Tanzohub gives members confidence and security by managing agreements, payments, and reviews for both parties involved in the reservation process.

The Benefits of Using Tanzohub

Tanzohub provides a number of advantages to companies wishing to simplify their payroll and HR procedures.

Cost Savings

Employer payroll and HR expenses can be greatly decreased by using Tanzohub. Numerous manual tasks, including as payroll management, timesheet management, employee information tracking, and onboarding new recruits, are automated by the software. This frees up your HR staff’s time for more strategic endeavours by cutting down on the amount of time they spend on mundane activities. Tanzohub’s cloud-based solution also does away with the requirement for pricey on-premise gear and software purchases and upkeep.

Increased Productivity

Employees may easily fill out and submit HR-related documents through Tanzohub, and managers can easily evaluate and approve requests. Employees can rapidly submit time-off requests, update their personal information and see pay stubs through the employee self-service portal. Then, from a single, central location, managers may quickly accept or reject proposals. Your team can be more productive because of this simplified procedure, which decreases misunderstanding and back-and-forth communication.

Improved Data Security

Tanzohub safeguards your private payroll and HR information with cutting-edge security measures. Data about employees is encrypted and kept in locked, secure data centres. Strong user authentication, firewalls, data encryption, and redundancy controls are all implemented across Tanzohub’s system. To guard against loss, your data is regularly backed up and reproduced in several places.

Regulatory Compliance

Tanzohub ensures that your business complies with labour laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA). The programme offers functions for accurately categorising workers, computing overtime compensation, monitoring health insurance coverage, and much more. Tanzohub also updates its system on a monthly basis to reflect modifications to federal and state labour legislation. By using Tanzohub, you can lower the risk of non-compliance leading to expensive fines and lawsuits.

In conclusion, Tanzohub offers a number of advantages that let you lower expenses, boost output, enhance security, and guarantee compliance. The platform provides a one-stop shop for handling payroll and HR duties that are crucial for your business.

Tanzohub Use Cases

Tanzohub is a flexible tool for teamwork that has numerous applications for increasing productivity in both personal and professional settings.

Project Management

Strong project management tools are provided by Tanzohub, enabling you to plan assignments, assign work, establish due dates, and track advancement. Projects may be created, team members can be added, tasks can be divided into manageable chunks, deadlines can be set, and time spent on each job can be monitored. Members of the team can tag other users, upload files, and provide comments on tasks. You can make sure everything is proceeding according to plan by reviewing the project dashboard, which provides you with an overview of all your ongoing projects.

Team Communication

Tanzohub offers screen sharing, video conference, and chat for efficient team communication. Establish either private or public chat rooms for various groups, tasks, or conversation subjects. Make simultaneous voice or video calls with several team members to promote efficient teamwork. You can share your screen to study papers, presentations, or other work during calls. Every call and chat is recorded so you can review the conversations at any time.

File Sharing

Sharing and accessing files with your team is simple with Tanzohub. Files can be uploaded and arranged into folders according to topics or projects. You may restrict who can view, edit, and download a file by setting permissions. Versioning of files enables you to go back to earlier iterations when necessary. You can locate any file, task, chat, or other information fast with Tanzohub’s robust search function. To ensure that you always have access to your most recent work, you can also sync your Tanzohub files to your local computer.


Tanzohub integrates with a wide range of well-known business tools, including Trello, GitHub, Slack, Gmail, and more. You can automate specific workflows and connect similar tools using these connectors. For instance, you can configure an integration to publish contributions from GitHub to Tanzohub or automatically build Trello cards from new tasks on Tanzohub. Through the unification of your work management and collaboration systems, integrations boost productivity.

Tanzohub’s features for file sharing, team communication, project management, and integrations can enhance both individual productivity and corporate cooperation. The platform helps people and organisations work together to accomplish more since it is robust and intuitive.

Getting Started With Tanzohub

It’s simple to get started with Tanzohub. To get started with this cutting-edge project management tool, just take these actions:

Create an Account

  • Click “Sign Up” at to start your free account creation process.
  • To create your login credentials, enter your email address and password. Make sure you choose a strong password that you can easily recall.
  • Give a few basic details about yourself, your role, and your company. This aids Tanzohub in tailoring your experience.

Explore the Interface

Tanzohub’s user-friendly interface is made to be both efficient and simple to use. Get acquainted with the design, taking note of the:

  • Dashboard: An summary of your tasks, projects, notifications, and updates on one screen. From here on, keep everything under control.
  • Projects: Establish projects, include duties, work together with associates, and monitor advancement.
  • Activities: For every project, identify, classify, and schedule specific activities. Assign deadlines, include remarks or attachments, and tick off completed work.
  • Teams: Assign access to particular projects and tasks to coworkers, clients, or contractors. Simplify responsibility and teamwork.
  • Report: Real-time reports on project status, finances, schedules, workloads, and other topics can be generated. Make judgments based on facts to maximize output.

    Integrate with Other Tools

    Integrate Tanzohub with the other programs you use to get the most out of it. Examples of these programs are:

  • Slack to facilitate easy team messaging and communication.
  • You can immediately attach files and documents to tasks using Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • To track the hours spent on Tanzohub jobs, use time trackers such as Harvest.
  • Utilise accounting tools such as QuickBooks to align project expenditures and budgets.

Tanzohub has all you need to simplify project management and teamwork, including an easy-to-use UI, powerful tools, and smooth integrations. To begin enhancing efficiency and productivity, sign up now.

Tanzohub Integrations and Partners

Tanzohub helps organisations make the most of its data and insights through a variety of partnerships and integrations. Among the significant integrations that are offered are:


Through Zapier integration, Tanzohub may be linked to more than 1,000 different business applications. This makes it simple to set off events in Tanzohub to automatically start processes in other systems. For instance, you may set up a Zap to initiate the creation of a new contact in your CRM whenever Tanzohub generates a new lead.


Using webhooks, you may integrate Tanzohub’s real-time event data into your software or application. Tanzohub can send an HTTP request with event data to a URL of your choice when certain events take place, such as the creation of a new lead or the completion of a task. After that, you can use your system to handle or react to these occurrences.


To provide programmatic access to all of the data and resources in your Tanzohub account, Tanzohub provides a comprehensive REST API. You can create unique integrations and applications on top of the Tanzohub platform by utilizing the Tanzohub API, which employs OAuth for authentication.


That concludes our in-depth analysis of Tanzohub and all it has to offer. As you can see, the platform offers a comprehensive approach to business management for dance studios. Tanzohub strives to simplify and expedite all of your administrative responsibilities so you can concentrate on teaching, from class scheduling and student registrations to program promotion and payment processing. Although the variety of options might initially appear daunting, you’ll be up and running quickly thanks to the user-friendly design and useful support resources. Tanzohub needs to be on your short list of options if you’re searching for a simple, cost-effective solution to update your dance studio for the twenty-first century. Take advantage of the free trial offer now to discover how it may transform your company. Don’t fall behind; the future of dance education is here.


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