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Montague M-E1 Electric Best Folding Bike Review

Montague M-E1 Electric Folding Bike Review

The Greatest Blend of Comfort, Convenience, and Performance

There is no such thing as a perfect electric bike. But if I were to describe my ideal e-bike, it would probably be the M-E1 by Montague Bikes, based in Massachusetts.

Distinguished Features of Montague M-E1

The most comfortable folding e-bike (Montague M-E1)that I have ever ridden is this folding bike with a step-through frame. It’s not often that I can ride a stable folding frame, as I am 6’4″ tall. It’s the only folding bike I’ve ever ridden that didn’t make me appear like a clown. The 28-inch wheels are the reason for this. They’re atypically big dimensions for folding bikes.


It’s not very powerful but the quiet Shimano motor provides just enough pedal assist to make me feel as if I am exercising while I turn the cranks. The bike also comes with high-quality parts like Shimano brakes, and Schwalbe tire. The folding mechanism makes it easy to fold the bike down and into a small size. This is perfect for my New York City apartment, which has a limited amount of space. What’s there not to like?


When you sit on the M1-E1’s seat, it’s impossible not to be impressed. It’s not rickety at all, unlike other folding bikes that I’ve tried. The aluminum frame feels durable and sturdy. The bike is attractive, but I wouldn’t call it stylish. Its blue and matte-black color scheme reminds me of a city bike-sharing program.


The seat tube is equipped with a Shimano 11.6-Ah battery (36 volts), which can be easily removed. It usually takes three hours for the charger to charge the cell. The power button on the battery is a little awkward. You’ll have to reach near the pedals to turn on the bike. It would have been easier to reach if the power button was located on the handlebars.


The tiny display is located below the right handlebar and shows battery life, speed traveled, and other ride information. This is much better than larger screens which can be distracting. (Or ebikes requiring a phone application). To cycle through the different screens that show the data, you need to press a tiny button at the bottom of the screen. It’s a bit tricky to do during rides so I left it at the speedometer setting.


You can switch between Eco, Normal, and High pedal assistance by using the buttons on the left handlebar. That’s it. No need for a phone. You can download Shimano’s E-Tube App to customize settings, see more data, and download firmware.

Easy to Use

You’ll only need to be concerned about the Shimano 10-speed shifter. It is simple to use and provides a pleasing amount of resistance, even when pedaling at maximum assistance.

Packing M-E1

The M-E1 folds in a matter of seconds. You’ll need to first lower the dual-leg Kickstand. This kickstand raises a portion of the bike and makes folding it easier.

There is a clamp between the downtube tube and the seat tube. Open it, press it down and you’re done. You can now fold your bike to halve the size. Open the clamp under the handlebars and fold them to save more space. You’ll still need to lower your seat post.


You can roll the M-E1 folded around like a shopping trolley if you don’t collapse the handlebars. This is much easier than carrying it in an elevator or train. The hook keeps the wheels together, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart when you roll the bike. It’s brilliant.


It’s still 54 lbs. It’s much lighter than Lectric or Biktrix and is easier to carry. However, it’s still not as light as the GoCycle. If you live in an apartment building, it’s not easy to carry up the stairs.

The folding mechanism only had one problem. After a while, the thick wire that connects the two halves where the bike folds does not slide into place. This makes it difficult to unfold M-E1 if you don’t guide the wire using your hands. This was a problem with the initial retail models. However, a new lubricated wrapping has been introduced to ensure that the wire slides properly.

Ride Experience of Montague M-E1

How does it ride? You won’t feel as if you are pedaling air when you are cruising down the road at 20 miles per hour. Shimano’s 250-watt motor mid-drive, set to High pedal assistance, makes you feel as if you are riding a bicycle. It’s just a little bit easier. You know that hill you’ve always struggled with? You can feel safe climbing it with M-E1.

On longer trips you may feel a little sweat on your head, but not enough to make you a mess. It’s satisfying. It’s satisfying.


This folding bike has large Schwalbe 28-inch tires, despite its size. It’s a much better way to ride over bumps, which makes for a more comfortable journey. The front suspension also helps.

It also looks rather ordinary. Every time I test a new folding electric bike, I ride to my parents to show them. For the first, my father said that it looked normal.

It also makes me look good. This is partly due to the full-size frames. This e-bike is not as low-lying, which I feel on many foldable. It rides more like a cruiser than a go-kart. Montague recommends this e-bike for people between 5’4″ and 6’4″ tall (perfect for me!) It is only available in one size so it may be too large for some.

Shimano disc brakes were always able to stop me in a hurry when parked cars decided to block my bike lane. The range was often close to 30 miles, even with maximum pedal assist. After a 10-mile round trip to Jollibee, in Queens, I had more than half of the fuel left in my tank. (And lots of tasty food). You can get more range by requiring less power from the engine.

The seat post was the only problem I had. The seat was drooping mid-ride because I had a lot of camera gear in my bag. I looked like a child riding a bike. After three months, I haven’t had this problem since a nearby bike shop tightened it up.

Montague M-E1 Availability

There’s also the fact that Montague has an extensive dealer network. You can order one Montague M-E1 from a local store (or take a test drive). This means that you can also get your bike repaired or tuned up. Shimano offers a warranty on the frame for five years and a warranty on the motor for two years. This is better than other competitors such as GoCycle or Lectric.


The folding Montague M-E1 bike is well-built and feels good to ride. The only thing I would change is to make it lighter. Otherwise, the M-E1 is pretty close to perfect.

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